No Better Love than Food

Join, donate, bake, cook, and share because there is no better love than food. 

Congratulations to the 

Wellesley High School Food Interest Club (F.I.C.) 

Bake Sale!!!

Big thanks to the WHS FIC

Proceeds to benefit Hebron Food Pantry

Thank you Volunteers!!!

Fabulously decorated cookies for the Valentine's day cookie drive.

Contact: to learn how you can join, donate, bake, cook, and share with us! 

We need a logo for NBL!!

Email us ideas for a no better love logo! Winner will get bake shop items. 

Holiday Cookie Drive 2022

Many thanks to the Wellesley High School Food Interest Club members for the food pantry donations.  Hoping to make the Holidays a little sweeter for the patrons of Hebron Food Pantry.

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Rocky Road Cookies

Part of the October, Halloween Dessert Drive

Cookie Crew!

Our mission:

Mission Statement: To foster love and understanding by sharing language, culture, and food. The name No Better Love than Food is based on a quotation from Bernard Shaw's play Man and Superman, "There is no sincerer love than the love of food." Starting in the classrooms at Wellesley High School, the members of NBL hope to foster dialogue between cultures and countries through meals and other shared experiences. 


President: Andrew Song  

Vice President: Kaloyan Dragonav 

Treasurer: Ryan Song

Members: Ben Harris, Pax Nataraja, Addie Sanft, Samantha Ng, Kristen Ke, Jade Zhou, Navya Aggarwal